Dunkin' Donuts?? Benefits associates score when NY soccer teams win

This fall, whenever the property town football team wins a sport, Dunkin' Donuts'?? DD Perks members will score! For a small time only, the morning after the New York Giants or New York Jets win, DD Perks members can obtain a medium hot or iced coffee for just a quarter when paying with the enrolled DD Perks card.
The 'Quarterback Score' promotion is among several members-only offers and bonuses open to DD Perks members. Those with enrolled DD Perks cards also be handed a free beverage once they enroll, as well as their birthday as well as every 200 points accrued. One dollar in sales equals 20 points.
As stated within the Dunkin' Donuts' Web site, DD Cards can be found at any Dunkin' Donuts?? location, online at Dunkindonuts.com, or through the Dunkin' Mobile App. DD Perks website cards can automatically be provided for a Dunkin' Mobile APP when one enrolls at ddperks.com directly.
The DD Perks card is provided for free, but it really need to be activated with dollars for being allowed to accrue points together with receive offers and bonuses.
More details about the DD Perks program is found here.

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